Friends keep us company through the difficulties of our lives and help us grow, but when people move to a new city or town, fear and social anxiety can keep them from making new friends. How can we help people who have social anxiety step out and make new friends? The business team has identified a problem that the number of people who say they are going to an event is significantly higher than the actual number of people who attend. 
The objective of this project is to introduce feature(s) to the existing mobile application so that the number of attendees who commit to going to an event is more closely aligned with the number of actual attendees.

1 Month

Independent Project

UI / UX Designer and


  • Important Information from the Product Manager has revealed that :

  • Users may not be getting effective communication about the upcoming events (ex. Emails, reminders, etc.)
  • Possibly users need an incentive to attend but this incentive would need to be cost-effective for the company

Design Process


Understanding the problem

The company’s location data shows that, on average, 20% of people who say they’re going end up attending events. The business goal here is to increase the conversion of accepted invites to event attendees.


Secondary Research

During my secondary research, I focused primarily on answering 3 questions

  • What compels people to register for events?
  • When do no-shows occur?
  • How to avoid no-shows?

As a result, the fact that event planners should spend more of their time and attention on the attendee experience rather than logistics stood out the most. The audience experience is now more important than ever and if you don’t have a strategy to keep your audience engaged virtually and physically, it will be much harder to gain back your audience for the next event.

Competitive Analysis

I analyzed 3 widely used event management platforms and created a comparison matrix. Based on this, I identified the limitations which could give me potential action items / app specs for MeetStreet.


  • No opportunity to provide feedback through comments, photos, or ratings.
  • No customization of reminder options is available
  • Lack of detailed information about the event and it's attendees.

Potential Action Items

  • Facilitate providing comments, photos, and ratings.
  • Allow users to set multiple reminders and customize their own reminders.
  • Option to edit the RSVP button so that the event planners get a clear estimate of the actual attendees.
  • Option to contact other attendees personally / in a group to discuss events and carpool to events at far off locations.
  • Introduce rewards / discount coupons and early bird price incentives to provide attendees some benefits.

Research Synthesis

User Survey

The user survey received around 40 responses, which helped me work on my affinity maps, empathy maps, and personas.

Affinity Maps

All the responses from the survey were categorized by me and put into groups in the form of an affinity diagram.

Empathy Maps

To get a clearer understanding of my user, I created an empathy map that lists what all the user sees, thinks, feels, says, does, and hears.


Finally, to get an overall view I created a distinct persona that represented my target demographics.

My Focus areas


Ease of looking at event information and registering for it.


Providing ratings, reviews, and setting reminders.


Motivation and trust


Users to attend events


Users to customize



Keeping the existing company wireframes in mind, I sketched the critical screens and other screens with added features.


Guerilla Usability Testing


  • Users struggled to customize reminders.
  • Canceling attending an event was too easy.
  • Users could not find traveling options.


  • Add a “customize reminder” CTA on the event info page after registration.
  • Include a re-confirmation popup before canceling an event.
  • Include 'Schedule an Ola' button on the event info page of the events that are yet to be attended.

Style Guide

Usability Testing


  • “What if I want to chat with all the attendees of this event ? How will I find all of their usernames while creating a group ? Do I have to manually look for each name ?”


  • Add a “Chat with all attendees” option on the all attendee page.


Wrapping Up

This project was interesting since it is a domain that has already been well explored. It was particularly challenging to scope the design from a vast list of ideas to a cohesive MVP while avoiding repetition or redundancy of ideas. More research and work are needed to ensure higher virtual attendance at events especially now that most venues are shut due to the pandemic.

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