Hello ,
I'm Srishti Bijjur.
A UI / UX Designer with a Computer Science background, focused on making digital experiences intuitive and easily accessible.

A Designer at Heart

My UG in CSE and relevant internship experiences gave me a strong technical hold and an understanding of product life-cycle development. The concepts of computer science were never enough to answer all the questions on my mind. Human-computer interaction has become broader than CSE itself. This intersection of design and technology is where I thrive. I have made conscious and constant efforts to make myself a better problem solver via unique learning experiences. I work to understand the needs of the stakeholders, I use inclusive and participatory design approaches wherever necessary and always focus on improving accessibility. While there’s a gazillion problem spaces where  UX can play a vital role, accessibility for older adults is of keen interest to me. 

An Epicure and Home Chef

In my free time when I'm not hacking away, you can find me in an apron cooking or baking (usually deserts cause that's my forte ! ). Constant appreciations and requests for my recipes lead to creation of my very own Instagram page with my cousin sister.
Check it out : dash.of.delish_

Writer and Travel Lover

I enjoy trekking on various landscapes, visiting new places, and pouring my heart out in the form of poetries and short stories.