Hi! I'm Srishti Bijjur |  UX Designer & Researcher
Designing experiences for impact at the intersection of Work and Play.
Worked on 15+ projects across IT, Healthcare, SaaS, Retail, Education, Automotive, Manufacturing, and Insurance.

My Work

NASA SUITS : Augmented Reality (AR) for Astronauts


Immersive Technology | Augmented Reality (AR) Design | Wearable | MRTK3 Design System | Interaction Design

Karrie : Smart Assistant for Personalized Shopping Experiences


IoT | Ubiquitous Computing | UI and UX Design | User Research | Diary study | Ethnography

Theme-based HMI for General Motors: Enhancing in-car experiences through themes


Automotive UX Design | Visual Design | Human Machine Interface (HMI) | NHTSA Guidelines | Ergonomics | UX Psycology

PlacEasy: Optimizing Virtual Campus Placements Amid Pandemic


User-Centered Design | Usability Testing | Mobile User Interface (UI) | Design Thinking | Information Architecture

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